Assistance dogs for this college

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I read the piece “New Center puts vets, pups at ease” (Sept. 28) and it touched my heart.

This was a great idea to make a little haven for vets and their furry companions on campus.

I can only imagine how hard it must be for our returning soldiers trying to settle back into their routine on top of going to school.

The stress would be overwhelming.

It’s good to hear that the late Professor Munoz’s hard work for the Vet to Vet program brought about such a great service to the students.

In my opinion, this should be implemented at not only Northwest Vista, but at SAC as well.

If there about 2,000 veterans at Vista, there are probably a lot more at SAC.

I have not taken a personal tour of the VA office here at this college, but when I have gone in, it’s generally busy and not really the place to go to relax so it would be a good addition to the VA office.

Do you know if this place is only for veterans or is it also for people who are not veterans but have disabilities?

I know of few people here on campus that have an assistance dog, but I feel a little uncomfortable when I don’t believe they need that dog for their anxiety.

This center would be great for them to go to and not be judged.

Again, this is an awesome new service for vets and their pets and a great heartwarming article.

Sylvia Bolles
Accounting Sophomore


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