ACES makes you responsible

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Re: “Email access to wealth of info” Sept. 28, 2015


The editorial “Email access to wealth of info” is extremely beneficial, not only to the SAC community, but to myself.

The editorial’s counsel provides evidence why this information is so valuable such as,

“Many professors read only emails sent through a student’s ACES email account.”

With that sentence alone, it states that if you wish to communicate with your professor and are too shy to do so in person, you can always do it through ACES with an even bigger chance of getting a quicker response.

Unfortunately, I on the other hand, do have the habit of not checking my ACES account regularly, but after reading this article and the stern advice that was given toward the end of the article, made me realize that “… being a college student is learning to take responsibility,” and checking my email is a necessary step.

Another thing that can help this college’s community when reading this article and the main reason why I was so impressed with it, is that the article mentions the negative effects of ACES.

Just like every imperfect system, ACES periodically becomes unresponsive.

Yet, the article suggests other ways to get your vital emails and information without pulling your hair out.

Adrienne Dominguez

Radio-Television Broadcasting Freshman


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