Concealed could decrease enrollment

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Re: “Guns Don’t Benefit Education,” Oct. 19:

If the board is looking for a new tool to create an increase in the absence rate, then this idea of allowing people to carry a weapon on campus with a valid license is a great idea.

The thought alone creates a fear inside me, a community college student.

School shootings have increased rapidly with the number at 52 this year as of Oct. 10, according to,

Yes this new law, taking effect in August 2017, will give students a chance to be armed in case a shooting were to occur, but it also allows for a shooter to have easy access to the campus while armed.

The law creates more fear than a sense of protection.

The law is supposed to establish certain areas on campus that will allow arms, but that still doesn’t change the idea that guns are allowed on campus.

The police department should be the only ones allowed to be armed on campus.

If anything, new laws should be enacted to increase spending for the equipment supplied to the school police stations.

They should be getting more things to protect the campus, not allowing new ways for people to add to the list of this year’s school shootings.

Guns are only going to throw off the students who are trying to receive an education.

Jonathan Vasquez

Music Business Freshman


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