Guns have no place on campus

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Re: “Guns don’t benefit education” published on Oct. 19 contains a lot of great points.

The concealed carry law will change education as we know it.

Teachers will not only be afraid to “give students hard or challenging curriculum,” but students will become reluctant to engage in discussion, especially about hot-button topics.

The allowance of guns on campuses will lead to a “just the facts ma’am” education system that is watered down.

That sounds too much like high school.

If students were content with just a high school education, they wouldn’t be here.

Recent events have scared people into thinking they’d be safer if they were to have their own weapon handy to defend themselves.

No one makes an announcement before they start a mass shooting, so having a gun would not help most people.

In the heat of the moment, it comes down to who draws first.

The crazy guy with the ill intent will win.

Furthermore, the more people shooting at each other, the more people will likely be injured.

Guns definitely have their place: on a hunt, at a shooting range, in the holster of a police officer or in an old time Western.

A college campus, or really, any place with large crowds isn’t one of them.

Kristine Harrigan

Business Sophomore

Northwest Vista College


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