Student welcomes safety tips

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Re: Oregon Community College shooting reminder of campus dangers in the Oct. 12 issue of The Ranger:

Ever since the 2012 shooting in Newtown, Conn., there seems to be more and more of them. Not just in schools, but in movie theaters and other public places.

Often times when I go on campus, or any public setting, I think about what I would do if someone were to come and start shooting up the place.

It seems a little paranoid, I know, but with the recent shooting in Oregon I cannot help but to think about it.

I think this article does a good job informing readers on what to do in emergency situations.

I would have never known that each classroom has emergency plans and that every Alamo College campus has certain procedures in place according to the situation.

Having these basic tips and knowledge can help make a difference between making sure everyone makes it out safely or not.

Also, this article does a good job in reminding people to always update their information on ACES, which is something I am guilty of not doing on a regular basis.

I definitely will try to keep in mind everything that was said in this article next time I’m on campus or any other public place.

Emmber Garcia

Sociology Sophomore

St. Philip’s College


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