Results of McCreless air test due

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McCreless Hall will need a lot of work to replace damaged ceiling tiles.

By Richard Montemayor

District findings on the air quality tests in McCreless Hall are expected to be announced at 10 a.m. Nov. 18 in Suite 323, president’s conference room in Fletcher Administration Center.

The tests were conducted after one faculty member and one staff member reported feeling sick.

In an Oct. 26 story, The Ranger reported on the unidentified substance that was spotted in McCreless.

Chris Bishop, (environmental health and safety) technician for AEHS Inc, (Associate   Environmental Health and Safety) said they checked all three floors of McCreless Hall but couldn’t get access to 15 rooms because the master key would not let them in.

On Oct. 9 Bishop returned to McCreless, this time looking for leaks on the ceiling tiles, he said.

“We were out there Monday at the McCreless building, we were going through and checking for stained ceiling tile that might indicate mold,” Bishop said Nov.11.

The probability of McCreless having water leaks is pretty close to 100 percent, David Mrizek, vice president of college services, said Nov. 16.

“I think every building on campus has water leaks, this building (Fletcher Administration Center) has water leaks, it’s a fact that we don’t do a good job of taking care of our roofs,” Mrizek said.

Mrizek said it’s well known that the roofs across the district need repair.

“Chancellor Bruce Leslie had to move out of his building because the roof leaks so badly, it was condemned,” Mrizek said.

Mrizek said the district board does not allow enough money for preventive maintenance.

“Diane Snyder (vice chancellor for finance and administration) said at the retreat on Saturday that we should have every year $32 million in preventive maintenance,” Mrizek said.

Currently, the district has $14 million in preventive maintenance, he said.

Bishop said he could not say if the test results came back positive for mold at this time.

“When we were out there Monday, there was a lot of damaged ceiling tile’s and there was Room 134 that had some paint chipped like it was significantly damaged,” Bishop said. He said there are a significant number of things that need to be done.

Martha Castro, administrative assistant to the vice president of college services, said in an email, that Ron Bishop, owner of AEHS Inc., will present his results and findings of the air quality assessment in McCreless at the Nov. 18 meeting.

For more information, call Castro at 210 486-0903 or email


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