Rangers crush Tigers 91-68

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Defense and accurate 3-point shooting propel Rangers to win.

By Alejandro Diaz


The Rangers cruised to an easy victory over the Tigers 91-68 Wednesday at the Health and Fitness Center of St. Philip’s College.

It was the most lopsided victory the Rangers have had this season and improved their record to 4-2.

The Rangers dominated from start to finish and never trailed.

After winning the tipoff, the Rangers moved the ball efficiently in their first possession and found social work sophomore Aydrie Aguinaga open for her first 3-pointer of the night. Aguinaga tallied six 3-pointers and finished with 24 points.

Tigers guard Kimberly Tobias tied the game with an open 3-pointer after both teams exchanged a few failed possessions, but it was the only time the game was tied.

The Rangers went on a 10-0 run that gave them a 13-3 lead and took control of the game.

With a double-digit lead on their side, the Rangers stayed focused on the defensive end and slowly stretched the gap in the score throughout the game.

This college’s team led by 13 points after the first quarter, by 15 after the second, by 16 after the third and finished the game with the largest lead of the night: 23 points.

Coach Haley Capestany was pleased with her players’ effort, as it reflected what they had practiced during the week.

“We worked on nothing but defense and running this week and it showed,” Capestany said.

“They picked it up on offense by themselves, so they actually did a really good job.”

When they completed that job, the Rangers had four players in double figures, with two of them finishing with more than 20 points.

Kinesiology freshman Destiny Solis led all scores with 30 points.

In the fourth quarter, after the Tigers had cut the Rangers’ lead to 12 points, Solis made a play that was the highlight of the night and sparked the Rangers to close the game strong.

Solis dribbled the length of the court at full speed, and Euro-stepped her way for a tough up-and-under layup that made the crowd exclaim “wow!” in astonishment.

At the end, the Rangers took care of the ball in the final four minutes, looking for quality possessions and letting the clock run its course.

The Rangers will host the St. Edward’s University Hilltoppers at 6 p.m. Dec. 2 in Gym 1 of Candler Physical Education Center.


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