Search keeps going, going, going

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The search for a VP for student success continues since fall 2014.

Over the last two weeks, three potential candidates for the position of vice president for student success have visited and spoken to students about what they would bring to the table.

The search has been ongoing since President Robert Vela left the position of executive vice president in fall 2014 and decided to split it into two: vice president of academic success and vice president of student success.

Unlike the position for student success, the position for academic success was filled relatively quickly as Dr. Jothany Blackwood was hired later that year.

It’s been over a year and the position of VP for student success has yet to be filled, which begs the question: what’s taking so long?

In fall, 64 applications were submitted, and yet the seat remains empty.

With that in mind, it seems that the ones who may actually be suffering are the students.

There have been three interim vice presidents over the course of the search, and no information released on what’s stalling the process.

Students may be aware that the search is still ongoing, as TV monitors around campus have been displaying the current candidates’ pictures, names and a link for more information for the last few weeks, but that’s it.

The monitors don’t state what vice president position they’re in contention for nor does it mention forums students and employees could attend.

Why should students be interested in these candidates when they know nothing about them or even the purpose the position serves?

There have been small turnouts to the noon forums on each candidate for students. Students could be there for the free pizza, or possibly as extra credit awarded by professors.

Even fewer turned out for an open forum later in the day.

It could be an apathetic response that makes candidates appear lackluster.

All the information regarding candidate qualifications and mission statements can be found on the college website, but not everyone may know about it.

It’s hard to imagine that over the past year there hasn’t been at least one qualified candidate.

Are we asking too much of candidates or are good candidates not bothering to apply to the Alamo Colleges?

Students have much at stake in this hiring, but if administrators wanted students to get involved, they should have supplied accessible information on campus aside from what is online.

A step in the right direction would be to at least add some background information on these candidates to the advertisements around campus, along with posting information on bulletin boards, especially in buildings with high foot traffic.

If these three candidates fall flat, it may be another year before we get a vice president.

And back to students, if this college means to lead by example, students should not expect to be successful.


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