International students can stick together after graduation

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By Jeff Tomecsko

The international students’ office has created an alumni page on Facebook to maintain communication with former students who have graduated or withdrawn from the college.

Martha Buchanan, coordinator of international students, said, “Our best business is word of mouth, by reference.”

The page is not only meant as a one-way communication. Buchanan hopes former students engage with other students and the department.

In the future, the department hopes to have former international alumni come speak to current students about their experiences and what they have gone on to accomplish.

Buchanan hopes the page maintains a sense of connectedness because former alumni have in the past brought to the college the next generation.

The department updates the page frequently with events to keep alumni engaged with other former students and the department coordinators for international students.

The coordinators have events that range from dinners to a monthly event called “What Now?” which is for students who have graduated and have questions on what to do, whether continuing their education or finding a job.

The monthly event has a specific focus for each month, such as interview tips.

The monthly “What Now?” is at 11:15 a.m. March 2 in the Oppenheimer Academic Center and the focus is on degree plans.

For more information, go to the Facebook page at


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