Target sharp active shooter drill

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An active shooter demonstration  File

An active shooter demonstration File

Building action team needs to better prepare and improve communication.

Drills have been a normal part of educational life for years, it’s something that is dreaded and viewed as a necessary inconvenience.

However, when those who organize the drill fail to properly inform those who will be participating, there is a problem.

With concealed carry at community colleges just a year away this is the one drill that can’t be and shouldn’t be disorganized.

Designated leaders for sections of the campus tell faculty and students when the drill begins and ends.

When it was time, the automatic doors locked, but when the drill was over a few leaders were not informed that the drill had ended creating confusion when they heard the door unlock interfering with what should be class time.

It would be one thing if this were a fire drill that requires the movement of every classroom to designated areas.

By the nature of moving so many people, things easily can go wrong somewhere.

However, an active shooter drill doesn’t require any group movement. It’s about hiding where you are. It’s precisely about making sure no one moves.

Drills shouldn’t fail because of poor communication.

If the building action team can’t give proper notification during a drill, what comfort will faculty and students have when the real shooting incident occurs?

An active shooter isn’t going to stand around and wait for everybody to get the memo and hide as if it were a friendly game of hide and seek.

Mike Legg, director of enterprise risk management, ensured people he will figure out what went wrong with the active shooter drill Feb. 11.

It’s good that Legg is meeting with his staff to figure out what went wrong, but this is the kind of thing that should go smoothly every time so when the real thing happens, students and faculty are prepared.


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