Campus event could soothe grief

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I’m writing to you because I, and I’m sure other students as well, have strong feelings about having lost friends or family.

After reading your “Remembering Student Killed by Drunken Driver” piece on The Ranger Online Feb. 24, I began to think of all the ways we could become more aware as a society about drunken driving; as well as supporting those who have lost someone to an accident caused by a drunken driver.

Here’s an idea: Would it be possible to start up an annual barbecue to bring everyone that has dealt with this together? There could be some music, guest speakers to spread awareness, food and maybe even a time where a few folks get to share what they experienced. It could possibly offer some comfort and support to the rest of the families out there, that there are measures being taken to bring awareness.

As someone who has experienced the nightmare of having a loved one taken by the carelessness of a drunken driver, my main point is to bring awareness.

I applaud you for posting the story you did, and I hope people read that and begin to understand just how serious things can get when you pick up keys while intoxicated.

Brittany Gonzales-Madsen

RTVB Freshman


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