SGA nominates student to serve on board

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Nominee wants to focus on change over discussions.

By Jerico Magallanes

The Student Government Association has nominated Christopher Scoggins, banking and financial services freshman, as this college’s candidate for student trustee.

SGA made its selection Feb. 29, and Scoggins was one of two applicants for the position.

Arieious Revonhart, political science sophomore and SGA student services senator, was the other applicant.

SGA President Harley Williams said, “They’re both extremely good candidates, but Christopher was a little bit more of what we were looking for. He was very passionate.”

Scoggins is especially passionate about helping lower income families with graduation.

“I think it is important that we give people of lower incomes an accessible graduation,” Scoggins said. “Only 9 percent of people who come from lower-income families graduate.” He referenced a recent audit for Alamo Colleges.

Williams said a good trustee cares about the students no matter their viewpoint.

“A lot of the times, someone can get in there and they could get caught up in how they feel, but the student trustee has to represent all colleges,” Williams said. The student trustee should be passionate but also aware of what the students want, she said.

SGA Vice President Jamilyn Keeton said, “There was something that really stood out. It wasn’t just his demeanor, but it was also the way he presented himself, and I knew that he could represent the students in a professional manner on the board.”

Williams and Keeton both praised Scoggins’ professionalism. “The professionalism was already attained. He didn’t have to learn it,” Keeton said.

Sometimes red tape can hinder progress when it comes to governing.

“We should never underestimate the importance of physical change,” Scoggins said. “Talking policy is great, but it can’t ever match up to physical change. Building things. Creating things. That’s what’s gonna really move things.”

Scoggins will meet with the board of trustees along with the other applicants April 26.


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