Wrong makes it right

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I agree with your article “Active Shooter Drill Feb. 11 left faculty, students vulnerable” posted on The Ranger Online Feb. 29.

I am glad there is some type of procedure and process in place for these situations.

Times have changed, and what used to be fire drills, tornado drills, bombing drills now has become shooter/hostage drills.

Having a drill not only protects the schools, students and faculty, but also teaches us the importance of being vigilant in our schools and everywhere else.

These flaws in the system give us answers to “what if?”

Besides students, faculty and employees, there are other people within the campus that are either guests, visitors, volunteers or in transit, so there is always going to be a measure of failure in these drills.

I know that it is almost, impossible to have the students contact information updated – some having multiple emails, changing phone numbers, etc., – but employees in the dark is not acceptable.

If anyone should be most up to date with their contact information, it should be the employees and administration and faculty. I am surprised they were in the dark.

What went wrong will always be a factor in these drills because without that we cannot make it right for our students, faculty, administration and community. Keep up the line of communication and the efforts to keeping us safe.

Paula Bowen

Psychology Freshman


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