Tuition increase set for discussion at committee meeting tonight

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Proposed tuition change uses a per-credit hour approach.

By Kyle R. Cotton

The district’s trustees will discuss and possibly amend a proposed tuition increase at the Audit, Budget and Finance Committee meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Killen Center.

In-district students currently pay $504 for up to six credit hours. Under the proposed revisions, tuition would switch to a per-credit hour charge beginning with one credit hour at $83.

In-district students taking six hours will pay $498, less than the current $504 for six hours.

However, in-district students will be charged more after six hours, with full-time students at 12 credit hours paying $996 compared to the current $873.

Out-of-district students will pay less than current tuition for up to 10 credit hours.

Out-of-district students at six credit hours will pay $1,170 as opposed to the current $1,231.

At 11 credit hours, out-of-district students will be paying $1 more than currently at $2,145 and at 12 hours $13 more at $2,340.

Sixty-seven percent of the Alamo Colleges student population, excluding dual credit, receives financial aid and 55 percent are economically disadvantaged, according to the district.

In other business, The Student Success Committee will consider giving authorization to the chancellor and the districts’ attorneys to join any amicus brief in support of two of President Barack Obama’s executive immigration initiatives.

An amicus brief is filed by parties with strong interest in the subject matter of a case, but are not a party subject to any action by the court.

Typically, they are filled to raise awareness about aspects of the case the court might miss.

The initiatives are Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Resident, which are in a case pending before the U.S. Supreme Court, United States of America, et. al. v. State of Texas, et al., docket number 15-764.

Each committee forwards agenda items to the full board for approval after discussion and possibly amending particular agenda items.

Visit for full details on the changes in tuition.


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  1. There’s no mention of why the tuition increase is necessary. Students are economically strapped. Shouldn’t district find cost savings elsewhere?

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