A vet’s response to active shooter drill

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Active shooters are a threat at numerous public locations, but schools seem to be a more prevalent location for these types of tragedies.

I read the article “Active shooter drill Feb. 11 left faculty, students vulnerable” and wondered what could the students and faculty have done differently?

I enjoyed the information, however brief, on the failure of the exercise.

I am left wondering what will be changed for the next exercise to improve the school’s reaction.

Also, as a student who attends classes on-site during the week, I never even heard there was an exercise.

The article mentioned there was a break down in communication, but it seems more like there was a complete failure in communication.

I implore the staff to reach out to the students with information and additional training.

In the article it mentions that everyone should stay put and find a corner in the classroom.

And it is likely that the faculty has had some training.

But the exercise outcome shows that the training may not be enough to keep the students, faculty and staff safe in such an event.

What is the next step?

Amber Wood

Communications Sophomore


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