Denying documents looks suspicious

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It is infuriating that it is even a question of whether or not the documents revealing the truth behind Follin’s removal will be released.

The district’s denial of the documents is further making Follins look suspicious.

For all we know, Follins and the district can be collaborating and completely taking advantage of the 30 days they were granted to make the decision on whether or not they want to challenge the ruling.

Follins’ refusal to answer any questions regarding his release and the acceptance of the position as special projects administrator only stirs up more questions.

What is Follins hiding from? Follins definitely has a strong support network, as he was able to convince district human resources and legal offices to allow his employment to continue.

If there is nothing to hide, the smart thing to do would be to not challenge the government on this.

Kelley Shannon of the Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas is completely right when she suggests that the public deserves to know about a leader’s removal from an institution as big as Alamo Colleges, where all the tax dollars go.

The district still has 30 days to come to the right decision and choose not to file suit and finally release the documents to The Ranger and to the public.

Misa Kittirath

Communications Freshman


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