Dr. Suess inspires inner child

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The article, “Six Ways Grown Ups Can Celebrate Dr. Seuss,” in the Feb. 29 issue of The Ranger is such a positive piece depicting the inner child in all of us.

This piece exuberantly details how each of us still can celebrate someone who inspired and brought so much enjoyment to the beginning stages our lives.

He held the key to the imagination that each one of us posses, and through his creative writing unlocked the door to our originality.

I appreciate, Christie Tavera, for giving appreciation and recognition to someone who so deserves it, especially on his 112th birthday.

Hopefully, this article inspired many to honor him in at least one of the six ways listed.

Always be mindful of those who think outside of the box, shake things up and allow the inner child in you to make an appearance once in a while.

David Gillen

Film Sophomore

Northwest Vista


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