NLC forgoes student trustee nomination

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Northeast Lakeview makes no selection for student rep on board.

By Jerico Magallanes

Ahead of the student trustee selection on April 26, one college has no eligible applicants.

No students from Northeast Lakeview College — which has an enrollment of more than 5,100, according to its website — signed up for the nomination.

Ryan Turner, Northeast Lakeview Student Government Association president, said NLC would not be submitting a trustee applicant.

“We had put the word out there, we tabled, had signs on all the TVs. … We just couldn’t find anyone,” Turner said.

With a lack of applicants, the college can nominate an active SGA member, but none of the interested members could fulfill the one-year commitment as student trustee.

“No one was fit for the position,” Turner said.

As for the candidates who are available for the time commitment, Turner said they were ultimately not interested and “at the end of the day, I can’t force them to apply.”

This college’s SGA has selected Christopher Scoggins, banking and financial services freshman, as its applicant.

The board of trustees will select a student trustee at its next meeting April 26.


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