Counseling center offers wide range of services

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Services include suicide, grief and LGBT counseling.

By Rebecca Flores 

It’s no secret that many college students have a lot to deal with.

Balancing school, work, family and college can be overwhelming.

It is important for students to know there is help out there.

The counseling center at this college offers many helpful services for students and the best part is, their services are free and confidential.

The counseling center has three full-time counselors, two part-time counselors and three graduate-level interns who are eager to help.

Students can seek help for psychological issues, personal concerns, interpersonal issues and crisis interventions.

Examples of these issues are depression, anxiety, suicidality, substance abuse, identity, stress, self-esteem, sexuality, relationship concerns, communication skills, sexual assault and death of a loved one.

“Counseling can help address problem areas of concern that could interfere with their academic and or social development in college,” Counselor Yvonne Schilling said.

“Counseling is an interactive process that allows students the opportunity to explore whatever concerns they encounter in college with a trained professional who will try to help them gain insight about their situation and experience personal growth to enhance retention.”

Aside from counseling on a student’s personal issues, the counseling center also collaborates with a variety of support groups.

A lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender support group provides a friendly and safe space for LGBT students to connect and support each other.

An early childhood development support group is also available for students to talk about the challenges they face being a parent and student which builds support networks.

A veteran’s support group, led by a veteran, is available for veterans to discuss specific issues they face adjusting to civilian life and attending to school.

A support group specifically for international students is offered For those adjusting to a new culture.

Students can exchange their shared experiences adjusting to another culture, including homesickness.

A poetry therapy support group is available for students who would like to share poems and express what the words mean to them.

The counseling center accepts walk-ins or scheduled appointments for any students seeking help.

The counseling center also offers on-call counselors in the event of an emergency during college almost immediately during regular office hours on campus.

Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. every first Saturday of the month.

“Students may request a certain counselor or they can be assigned to a counselor who has expertise in the area of concern to meet the student’s needs,” Schilling said.

Individual counseling sessions are free and confidential.

These sessions can go up to one hour, and are scheduled once a week.

Call 210-486-0334 or visit the counseling center on the first floor of Moody Learning Center.


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