Late VP’s duties split among 4

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President expects to fill position by Sept. 1.

By Kyle R. Cotton 

With the recent death of David Mrizek, vice president of college services, this college must now begin a search for a replacement and make plans in the interim.

President Robert Vela has decided to forego naming an interim vice president of college services and distributed Mrizek’s responsibilities among himself and three administrators in the interim as a search for a replacement begins.

Vela will be responsible for budget, facilities, EcoCentro, Scobee Education Center and operations of the office of vice president of college services.

Dr. Lisa Alcorta, interim vice president of student success, will be responsible for construction, grants and emergency management.

Dr. Jothany Blackwood, vice president of academic success, will be responsible for information technology and facilities management.

Dr. Kristine Clark, chief of integrated planning and performance excellence, will be responsible for instructional effectiveness and research.

Clark, who was originally supposed to leave her position at the end of the semester and have her responsibilities shifted to Blackwood, has agreed to stay on through the summer as this college goes through its transition to its next vice president of college services.

Prior to Mrizek’s death, all of his responsibilities were handled by Vela while he was out fighting mantle cell lymphoma.

“It’s just too much,” Vela said of his experience handling Mrizek’s responsibilities alone. “These are critical offices that need a lot of attention and we have a much better workload distribution now to be able to ensure none of these offices or decision points are compromised.”

Vela said the national advertisement for the position should be posted in the next week or two.

During the 30-day period after the advertisement is posted, Vela will assemble a team to review the applicants and reduce them to three to five finalists who will come to campus for interviews.

Vela expects to have someone in the vacant position by the end of summer or Sept. 1 at the latest.

Vela said the selected applicant will need to have a big picture mindset when it comes to institutional effectiveness, making sure the budget and various projects lineup with the strategic plan for this college.

“I anticipate that we will have some internal applicants as well as some external as part of a national search,” Vela said.

“Institutional knowledge is an important piece for SAC, but that’s not the only factor. It’s one of the factors. It just depends on the applicant and what they bring to the table when they interview and be able to demonstrate their understanding and skillset around this leadership opportunity.”


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    These are great articles that I would like to share on my social media, but don’t because the lack of a photo. It would be beneficial for you and the reader to have a photo…GREAT ARTICLE though! Can a brotha get a picture of the four who are splitting the duty???

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