Tech store set to sell Apple, Dell

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 Illustration by Alexandra Nelipa

Illustration by Alexandra Nelipa

By Christie Tavera 

If you have visited the welcome center recently, you will see an adjacent, empty shell space that will soon be home to the college tech store.

On March 22, trustees approved the execution of a proposed campus reseller agreement with Apple Inc. that would enable the store to offer Apple products and accessories.

Usha Venkat, director of information technology at this college, said Apple will not be exclusive. Other products such as Dell will be sold as well. “It does not restrict our store from other products,” she said.

Business sophomore Myriam Hernandez was glad to hear that. “Apple, to me, is complicated. I like the fact they will offer other products.”

The store is in its logistical and planning stages. As far as a timeline for opening, Venkat said they are tentatively looking at May.

“There are many benefits to having a tech store on campus,” Venkat said.

Nursing freshman Jose Torres agrees. “It will save time for students instead of having to go to the mall and waiting in line.”

As part of the store’s long-term business plan, several community and campus tech initiatives are in the works. In addition to the sale of tech products, the store will showcase the latest technology.

Services will be added, such as free training designed to help users familiarize themselves with the latest tech.

Hernandez said, “I like that something is being done to help students learn.” In addition, she was excited to hear that product discounts would eventually be available to students.

Other services include repairs, try-before-you-buy and system recommendations.


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