District 3 candidate: Anthony Alcoser

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Anthony Acloser, trustee candidate for District 3. Photo by Aly Miranda

Anthony Acloser, trustee candidate for District 3. Photo by Aly Miranda

Development director at UTSA, 34

Contact: 210-846-3392

By C.J. Tavera


District 3 candidate Anthony John Alcoser believes in moving forward, and he believes it is the lack of communication by the current board that has caused a step backward.

“Communication between the board, students and faculty can open so many doors,” Alcoser said. “The more communication, the better.”

He said he is “extremely against suppressing freedom of speech” at the board meetings and “will stand by students whether elected or not.”

Alcoser wants to see an equal push between funding additional work certification programs versus more liberal arts programming.

He said the programs offered at the Alamo Colleges should provide a well-rounded education, while at the same time accommodating a student’s career needs in a desired field.

“The board shouldn’t make all of the decisions. It should be the students driving the decision for programs and program funding,” he said.

At the same time, Alcoser wants to see more collaboration with local businesses.

“The more collaboration with business, the more fruitful the student,” he said.

More workforce skills and programs are needed in industries such as cyber and HVAC. Working hand in hand with local business leaders for precise and more innovative programming is important, he said.

There are other programs such as AlamoInstitutes and AlamoAdvise where Alcoser stands firmly on the belief that everyone needs to be part of the final spending and execution decisions to continue these programs.

This includes discipline programs like FranklinCovey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and “4 Disciplines of Execution.”

Alcoser wants the implementation of these programs to be inclusive.

He does not support the way decisions are being made now — solely by the board.

“Create awareness (of these programs) to help drive support,” he said.

Alcoser said he wants to keep education affordable and he would examine eliminating administrative staff positions before increasing tuition costs.

Alcoser, who has a concealed carry license, said he is against firearms on campuses.

“It is a place for learning, not a place for firearms,” he said.

Alcoser said he is the best candidate for District 3 not because of his experience, but his passion to serve and a passion to do what’s best for students.

“I have a pulse of the district,” he said.

His ultimate focus would be to build a better communication grid so he can best serve students who seek higher education.

Alcoser is currently appointed to the city of San Antonio Housing Finance Corp. board, City Council District 3.

He also served as a board member at Harlandale ISD from May 2006–May 2015.


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