11 department chairs selected, one to go

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The formal announcement has been delayed until the final position has been filled.

By Wally Perez


After two postponements, President Robert Vela decided not to announce 11 hires for the 12 new chair positions.

The announcement has been put on hold until the final hire is found, but The Ranger has learned the identities of the 11 selected.

The announcement was supposed to be sent out to faculty Wednesday, and was then moved to Thursday but did not go out then either.

Janet Lozano, administrative assistant to the president, said Vela believes it would be best to announce all chairs at once rather than announcing who has been selected already.

The Ranger contacted current chairs in the advertised positions and learned who had been notified April 8.

The 11 chairs have been reappointed from the roster of 19 chairs currently, while some departments have been shifted to other chairs under the reorganization in alignment with AlamoInstitutes.

The chairs are as follows:

• Jeff Hunt will oversee the art, speech, dance, drama and music departments.

• Lauri Metcalf will oversee the American Sign Language, interpreter, ESL and world languages departments.

• Teanna Staggs will oversee the natural sciences departments.

• Troy Touchette will oversee CIS, radio-television-broadcasting and music business departments.

• Said Fariabi will oversee the math and physics departments.

• Thomas Billimek will oversee the psychology, philosophy and EDUC 1300 departments.

• Stella Lovato will oversee the allied health, kinesiology and CE EMT departments.

• Val Calvert will oversee the business and paralegal studies departments.

• Martin D. Davila will oversee the protective services, mortuary science and law enforcement departments.

• Tiffany Cox will oversee the criminal justice, court reporting, public administration and political science departments.

• Ellen Marshall will oversee the sociology, early childhood studies and history departments.

Hunt, Metcalf, Staggs, Fariabi and Billimek will report to Dr. Conrad Krueger, dean of arts and sciences, while Touchette, Lovato, Calvert, Davila and Cox will report to Vernell Walker, dean of professional and technical education.

Marshall will report to both deans.

Current English Chair Mike Burton was told he had not been chosen under the reorganization, but he was welcome to apply again during the external search to fill the position overseeing English, integrated writing and reading, journalism and photography.

Vela would not comment on what has been done, or is being done, to search for the 12th chair, Lozano said.

Because the search is now external and Vela has decided to keep the discussion under wraps, this poses the question if the administration will fill the final chair before the start of the fall semester.

When The Ranger asked for more information, Vela declined through Lozano, saying it was a personnel matter.


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