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It’s not uncommon for students or the community to be caught staring at a phone screen several times a day. Popular social media and phone apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, which allow users to see and share information with the world and one another, have become a part of people’s daily routines.

Students and faculty may spend a lot of time on their phones reading or viewing things that may not necessarily be important. In a sense, it’s a way for people to disconnect from reality for a moment.

But it’s important to reconnect, too.

Nowadays, it’s relatively easy to follow news sources on Twitter or Facebook, including this college’s student newspaper. You can like The Ranger on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates every day.

The Ranger includes content that concerns students, staff and faculty, so readers can stay connected to their campus.

You should read The Ranger to keep up with news here or within the Alamo Colleges. Otherwise, you may be missing out on important issues.

Some students might argue they are aware of state or national news, but that’s because it’s hard to miss those headlines and alerts. They may not have any idea about something smaller, like the recent water leak in McCreless Hall, or a proposal to raise tuition.

The Ranger is not just a source for hard news either; every week there’s a calendar with events at all five Alamo Colleges, as well as weekly club meetings.

If you read The Ranger, you can stay up to date with things like new programs, clubs and organizations, volunteer opportunities, campus maintenance and more.

Staying informed may also help readers understand why a course is no longer offered, or if something is being done about facility problems on campus.

It takes less than a minute to peruse news on Twitter. Doing so makes you better informed on what’s going on locally and around the world.

If students don’t feel like picking up a paper every week, the least they could do is follow The Ranger or other news outlets on social media.

By doing so, students can easily add the news to their routine if they’re going to be checking their accounts anyway.

And in no time, reading the news will be as habitual as checking your Facebook.


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