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Quotes gathered by Wally Perez


“The Ranger is a true San Antonio treasure. It serves as the heartbeat of a huge urban college located in the middle of one of the nation’s largest cities.

Over the years, the college administration and faculty have maintained the newspaper as the purest form of laboratory experience. As other programs disassociated from their papers into so-called independent media funded and controlled by student government, SAC stayed with the formula that beautifully merges pedagogy and practice.

For more than 30 years, I’ve had a wonderful relationship with the program, first as a former city editor of the San Antonio Light, then as adjunct faculty member and staff member of the long-running Urban Journalism Workshop. My life and my career are richer and happier from that experience.”

Dr. Fred Blevens,

Journalism professor at Florida International University and former city editor of the San Antonio Light


Over the nearly 40 years since my time with The Ranger I have seen nothing to dent my admiration for the journalism faculty at SAC and the students who have maintained the professional culture there.

Rick Casey

KLRN Texas Week moderator


It’s important for students to see other students work diligently to show what’s happening on their campus. They don’t dumb down stories like other local papers.

You get authentic voices, and as a faculty member, it’s important to hear our students.

The stories feel true; it’s why I pick up The Ranger every Monday morning.

Jane Focht-Hansen

English professor


I’ve been in the district for over 30 years and I’ve always appreciated what The Ranger does for the students and the community here.

They do an extraordinary job covering issues and topics; there’s no other paper in the community like them.

Steve Samet



They do a great job going after stories that keep the community informed on what’s going on, not just on campus, but in the district. It’s become a source that I can count on.

Sometimes I’ll browse theranger.org for stories that TPR may want to look into, as well as sources.

You can tell that the reporters, the editors and photographers all give 100 percent. The instructors are fantastic and they do a great job preparing students for a career in journalism.

Eileen Pace,

Morning Drive/Morning Edition host and reporter at Texas Public Radio


I have been reading the Ranger for 34 years, and continue to be impressed with the consistency of its journalistic quality. The Ranger has been an award-winning publication throughout the years I have been reading.

What is often recognized in Ranger reporting is the fearless willingness of generations of reporters to do in-depth and often controversial investigating.

The Ranger has been instrumental in spotlighting shady dealings and precipitating healthy changes in how we do business at SAC and in the Alamo Colleges.

Mike Burton

English chair


The Ranger does an excellent job of keeping its community informed with an emphasis on journalism of verification, the foundation of a thriving democracy.

It’s not too much to say that The Ranger is a valiant protector of transparency and, indeed, stokes the fire that keeps the fight for freedom of information alive.

Journalism can be a trying crucible, and it’s often a thankless profession, but The Ranger forges independent thinkers, trained in investigation, with a desire to keep government – and our society – honest.

It’s what we need to ensure our liberty. It’s been a good 90 years for The Ranger – here’s hoping there are 90 more to come. We surely need it.

Diana R. Fuentes

deputy metro editor for the San Antonio Express-News


The Ranger, much like The Baylor Lariat where I was a reporter and copy editor, stresses professionalism in covering news.

It’s more than a student newspaper, it’s the real deal.

Issues, controversy, happenings of interest, or others impacting your readers, that and more are its mainstay.

Campus newspapers such as yours give students a real taste of what awaits them in this ever-changing business.

Jessie Degollado

KSAT 12 reporter


The San Antonio College Ranger for decades has been both a wonderful source of news about what’s going on at the campus and a springboard for the careers of many successful journalists. Whether it’s covering campus police to the Alamo Colleges board, the Ranger always has something important to say.

I’ve also hired many former Ranger staffers over the years, and they have always performed above and beyond expectations.

Thomas Edwards,

editor of Local Community News and former niché publications editor for the San Antonio Express-News


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