Board should apologize for ‘mistake’

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The article dated May 20, 2016, “District board of trustees possibly violate Opening Meetings Act,” describes a recent gathering of the board of trustees that the board says was not a meeting.

Under the Texas Open Meetings Act, a meeting is defined as a quorum of members of a governing board of a public institution discussing public business in more than an incidental way.

It seems obvious that the Alamo Colleges board of trustees violated the Texas Open Meetings Act when they held a publicly unannounced meeting on May 17, 2016.

This was a planned event in which the participating parties were invited by email and given a specific date, time, and place.

This gathering became a meeting of the board once a quorum was present.

An agenda should have been posted to give the public an opportunity to attend.

This was a planned event, and the topics (AlamoAdvise, bond rating and five-year budget plan) discussed are important to the business of the board and of the colleges.

Board members should be role models of ethics and responsible behavior for students.

If the board disregards the law, what message does that send to students?

The right thing for the board to do would be to acknowledge that a mistake was made and apologize.

Everyone makes mistakes; the real error is in avoiding taking responsibility for one’s actions.

Madeleine Sproles

Digital Video Production Freshman

Northwest Vista College




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