Laredo VP may be the right choice

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In the article “Laredo Community College Vice President Candidate for Position Here” posted on June 2, Vincent R. Solis is discussed as a candidate for this position.

Some people in this environment tend to be afraid of change.

With all of his experience, it may be difficult to try to take in all these new ideas in to their minds.

It may be a way different than what people are used to in this school environment.

I mention this because the current vice president also remains in the running.

However, many benefits may come from him.

It is stated that he is bilingual, which can be exceptionally useful in the San Antonio community given the large Hispanic population.

It has also been written by Solis that he already currently shares many values of the Alamo Colleges.

All of these attributes make Solis out to be a wonderful candidate for the vice president position available.

Change is good to see, and there is always room for more ideas and wider spread of knowledge.
Belinda Castano

Biology Sophomore


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