Searches winding down for two vice presidents

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Student Success Vice President Finalist, Dr. Lisa Alcorta, Dr. Billy C. Roessler, Dr. Vincent R. Solis. file

Student Success Vice President Finalist, Dr. Lisa Alcorta, Dr. Billy C. Roessler, Dr. Vincent R. Solis.  file

VP of college services Finalists to be announced soon.

By Kyle R. Cotton

Searches to fill the ranks of the college executive team with new vice presidents of college services and student success may finally be coming to a close.

Usha Venkat, director of information technology at this college and head of the vice president of college services search committee, said the committee is choosing finalists from the seven candidates remaining from the initial pool of applicants.

She expects the committee to decide on finalists within the next two weeks.

“We are looking at all the information available and their initial interview to make this decision,” Venkat said.

Currently, the committee is not set on what specifically members are looking for among the remaining candidates.

“We still have to come together on that as a group,” Venkat said, noting that the finalists should be determined by the end of this week or some time next week.

Venkat said the decision wouldn’t be impeded by the fact President Robert Vela is on vacation because he is still accessible.

“Our ultimate goal is to complete this process by August,” Venkat said.

Once finalists are chosen, their résumé and cover letter detailing what they would bring to the position and why they feel qualified will be made public before they visit this college for a day-long process of interviews, personal presentation and an open forum.

The vice president of college services position has been vacant since David Mrizek passed away in March.

Vela said in a phone interview on Thursday he expects to make a decision on the vice president of student success within the next couple of weeks as he’s going through the feedback surveys from the open forums.

This is the fourth time the search committee has searched for a new vice president of student success since Vela left the position when he was named president in July 2014 after former president Robert Zeigler retired.

Tammy Perez, Spanish professor and chair of the vice president of student success search committee, said, “It’s a tough decision, we have three excellent candidates that came in so it’s going to be difficult.”

The three finalists for the vice president of student success are Dr. Lisa Alcorta, interim vice president of student success; Dr. Billy C. Roessler, vice president of student services and enrollment at North Central Texas College in Gainesville; and Dr. Vincent R. Solis, vice president for instruction and student services at Laredo Community College.

“I think we’re in a good place. We always discussed if it’s a hard decision that’s a good thing for this college because we are going to get somebody who is going to do really good work for us,” Perez said.


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