Tobin Loft crimes handled poorly

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I have read your article “Tobin Lofts crime spikes in 2015” published on Sept. 14.

How can the crime rate in only EIGHT months of 2015 be already slightly more than the whole year of 2014 and nothing has been done about it?

According to the article, the Tobin Lofts is the only property from the 10 Alamo Colleges that has had an increased crime rate.

There have been numerous amounts of crimes being committed that range from thefts, burglaries, vandalism, trespassing, drug incidents and public intoxication.

Why did it take so long for somebody to do something about it?

Why is it that all of these occurrences kept happening without a sort of security around?

After all of these occurrences, police staff announced that they will have more of a presence around the area, having walkthroughs and having lunch with the students.

This is not the way that this should’ve been handled.

I am not sure how security could have been upgraded because that is not a field in where I have a say in things, but for sure something could have been upgraded in a fast but correct manner.

Not to jump to conclusions or anything but a death could’ve occurred.

These students are victims of these crimes and luckily it did not exceed to that level.

These students deserve better and need to feel safe, especially when living in student apartments.


Vishal Bhakta

Business Administration Sophomore


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