‘Pokémon Go’ creates socializing potential

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In response to “’Pokémon Go’ offers a new community activity” posted July 21:

Though I am not an avid “Pokémon Go” player I am supportive of the benefits it can provide communities.

Having different Poke Stops and gyms around the city encourages those who may not have explored as much to get out and see new things in their cities.

Having different Poke Stops and nearby gyms could benefit the San Antonio College community.

This app is an opportunity to bring students together who normally would not have socialized with one another.

“Pokémon Go” playing students, if trading were made available on the app, could socialize by trading Pokémon through their phones.

I have seen events created around Pokémon “hunting” where people will gather after being prompted by certain businesses to begin there and go adventuring together.

San Antonio College should have events such as this that encourage socializing with other students.


Serena Marie Kitchen

Psychology Sophomore


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