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The new model described in the article “Official model for faculty decision-making created in private” published April 11 may very well end up being a fantastic decision-making method that changes the Alamo Colleges for the better, but how can we trust a process that promises transparency and fairness while being created in secret with practically zero input from the faculty whom it will affect?

Best intentions aside, the Faculty Senate can only inspire suspicion and distrust with their insistence on keeping the details of the new faculty decision-making model under wraps before it is completed and sent off for review.

Hopefully, this new process is as honest, fair, and efficient as it was proposed to be and its implementation goes off without a hitch.

However, the fact remains that legislation without representation is often fought against, and the most well-meaning changes can be vehemently opposed for the very nature of their conception.

In conclusion, the Faculty Senate would be wise to share details of any future propositions to avoid this unfavorable criticism.


Colle Fertitta

3D Animation Sophomore

Northwest Vista College


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