Online news with options may not be a bad thing

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Regarding the article “Rangers print future uncertain” (April 25):

Even though printed versions of news are not as popular, people are still starting off their day with their news and coffee.

I think the trick is going to be to find out what your readers want in their online news choices.

Everyone assumes that they need to make an app, but there are other options.

Notifications are also increasing in popularity and are a convenient way to receive news updates.

Some people are put off by this idea in fear of being bombarded by text messages all day, but a solution to that problem is to allow the reader to sign up to be notified of only the content in a certain category or categories.

This way only the type of stories that the reader has suggested they are interested in will be the ones that they are notified about.

There are a lot of growing trends with how people are getting their news, and only time will tell which ones will be the most popular. But one thing is for sure, when it’s new and exciting people will pay for it.


Aaron Crick

Liberal Arts Freshman


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