‘Pokémon Go’ offers outdoor exploration

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After reading “‘Pokemon Go’ offers a new community activity” (July 21), I believe “Pokémon Go” is showing the world there is more than just playing indoor video games.

I am an ’80s child, and I grew up with a treehouse and I mean a real maple tree. I had to get a ladder tall enough to go up at least 1 1/2 stories high, and if my father was working on the house, I would have to climb the knotted rope all the way to the top.

Once I heard about the game designed to have people play outdoors, I told my husband I just have to try this game.

I never played or watched Pokémon, but the app is like a new quest.

I enjoy going hiking and have not had the chance to see if there are any at Enchanted Park. I am looking forward to it.

I have read some silly comments online about how the new generation does not know how to play outside and all the self-inflicted injuries are making people stunned that they do not know how to walk and play.

But with anything in life, there are learning curves.

Remember kids, “Stop and look both ways before crossing the street.”


Marlyne Perez

Senior Dual Credit Specialist

Northwest Vista College



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