Student life should advertise student activities more often

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It’s wonderful to see that SAC continues to offer social gathering for the students attending summer school after reading the article “Summer School Students can have fun, work out when not studying” published June 21.

The trip to Corpus Christi that the students of PAC can attend sounds very exciting.

These activities are such a wonderful way for students to socialize with each other and stay active during the long summer.

One concern I have is the availability of this information.

I have been a student at SAC for over a year, and I am still always unaware of activities going around on campus.

I have always wanted to participate in student life but never could get the information or the resources.

The mall is a great place to set up tents for student body to gather as a community, but I never know of these activities till they are already there and I stumble upon them.

If the group of students who run these kinds of activities could advertise these events more, than more people would be likely to show up.

For example, I was never informed of the fitness center and the game room or that they were even available to students.

Also, the trip that PAC is taking sounds like a great idea, and these trips should be taken not just in the summer but all year around and available to all Alamo Colleges.

Activities and events like these should not go unnoticed because of lack of advertisement or information.

Erika Silva

English Sophomore


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