Associate degree favorable in the long run

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In response to “New catalog shirks majors in favor of associate of arts degree” published May 24:

The insight The Ranger newspaper provided on this subject was very informative on the issues involving the new Associate of Arts majors at the Alamo Colleges.

Change is always difficult to accept at times but in all fairness to the board of trustees, they are only looking out for everyone as a whole, also they’re looking at the future of thing by making it easier for the years to come.

If people kept current with the information given by papers such as The Ranger, surprises wouldn’t happen, and it lightens the heavy blow.

This way of doing things is the best way things could have gone because now we’re joining the rest of the community colleges such as Valencia College, and we may be able to win awards at our schools as they did in Florida.

With that being said, thank you for the article and sharing a wealth of information you gather with plenty of hard work.


Esteban Garcia

Business Administration Sophomore


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