Strategic planning promising

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I am writing in response to your article “New division hopes to increase college efficiency” published Feb. 15.

I could not be more ecstatic than I am now to hear of such a promising program as the Integrated Planning and Performance Excellence division.

As a student who has had quite the hardship of a life, I must say that in regard to the transition from high-school teenager to college adult was everything short of serene.

The Texas educational system has had various changes from the 1990s to present day all resulting in one outcome.

For example, the quality of teaching aids and materials has been diminished for adequate testing scores.

While I am not one to make excuses, the honest truth is very few graduates are actually prepared for the world that lies ahead.

Students who grew up in poverty may have a different transition than a student who grew up in a flourishing environment.

As the old saying goes, “There is more than one way to skin a cat.”

There is definitely more than one way to experience college.

With this new division in place, I would like to see more avenues for student feedback.

The world is ever changing and we have to be ever adapting individuals to handle the changes.

A method that may have worked in 2003 could be obsolete as of now.

With each new generation comes new knowledge, new material and new technology.

We just simply need to bridge the gap between the national school boards, scholars and instructors.

Evaluating what is currently working, making addendums to what isn’t and embracing new formats is what is going to evolve the quality of education achieved at Alamo Colleges and the quality of the student.


Walter Hodges

Radio-Television-Broadcasting Sophomore


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