Deadline is Sept. 11 for foundation scholarships

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 Illustration by Alexandra Nelipa

Illustration by Alexandra Nelipa

Students should submit applications early, write essays ‘from the heart,’ coordinator says.

By Christian Erevia

When it comes to paying for college, many students look toward scholarships to provide some financial relief.

Scholarships from the Alamo Colleges Foundation can range anywhere from $250 to $1,500.

Those interested in scholarships for the 2016-2017 academic year must turn in their applications by the Sept. 11 deadline.

Students applying for a scholarship can use a few tips and tricks to stand out.

Scholarship Coordinator Irene Cisneros-Fuentes recommends students fill out their Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, forms. FAFSA forms can be obtained in Room 101 of Fletcher Administration Center. These forms should be filled out and returned as soon as possible.

Transcripts should also be submitted as soon as possible, Fuentes said. Requests for transcripts can be submitted through ACES or in person at the enrollment services/admissions and records office. Transcript requests can take three to five business days to process.

Scholarship prospects must also keep their GPA within the range required by the scholarship they are applying for. Applicants will be disqualified if their GPA falls below what is required.

When it comes to the application itself, Fuentes said “put your heart into your essays” and don’t forget to include any community service, awards or club memberships. She said students should remember that they are competing against between 700 to 800 other students, so it is important to try their best in all areas of the application.

The scholarships are available to high school seniors, transfers and other college students. Students must either be registered full time with a 12-hour minimum or part time with a six-hour minimum.

Fuentes also said, “It never hurts to ask the department of your major” about scholarship opportunities.

Fuentes said most of the scholarships are awarded to students who applied by the April deadline but there is still a chance for other students if they apply by Sept. 11. For those interested in applying for the 2017-2018 academic year, Fuentes said their best bet is to start working on their application now and to turn it in before both the priority deadline and the final deadline.

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