FotoSeptiembre exhibit opens today

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Correction: Joan Fabian is a visual resource specialist, her primary art is painting and she has an MFA in studio art.

Employees with a passion for photography show nature photographs in exhibit in Eco Centro.



By Felicia Mora

“Natural Visions,” a FotoSeptiembre USA exhibit of nature photos by faculty and staff from this college and a district employee, will open with a reception today in Sinkin Eco Centro, 1820 N. Main Ave.

The reception will be 4:30-6:30 p.m. and is open to the public.

FotoSeptiembie USA, in its 22nd year, runs Sept. 1-30 and this year’s works have a nature theme.

This will be the third year for a FotoSeptiembre exhibit at this college, photographer Tricia Buchhorn, journalism lab tech and exhibit curator, said.

Other photographers whose work will be in the exhibit are journalism faculty members Irene Abrego and Dr. Edmund Lo, photography lab tech Mark Magavern, Visual arts coordinator Rebecca Dietz, video resource technician Joan Fabian, interpreting services manager Jo Hilton and college photographer Leonard Ziegler.

“Our event is specifically photographers from San Antonio College but they are faculty members, they’re staff members, and they either teach photography or this is a passion of theirs,” she said.

The exhibits displayed within FotoSeptiembie USA are unique, Buchhorn explained. Photographers from all over the world participate and range from hobbyists to famous photographers such as Ansel Adams.

“Dr. Lo, teaches photojournalism and does action photos, but he and his wife are amazing gardeners,” she said. “Most of the photos from his exhibit came from his backyard.

“I always find it very interesting that he has this other side to him that usually other people don’t see,” she said.

Fabian is an artist known for her work in the printmaking and she creates posters, but her degree is actually in photography, she said.

“Leonard Ziegler is the college photographer who has to deal with photographing people all day long, but again he has this other side that he photographs nature,” she said.

“This just another side of what we do, Yes, we are a part of the SAC community and we are SAC proud, but it’s another side of us you don’t see.”

The exhibit can be viewed 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday and 9 a.m.-noon Saturday through Sept. 30.

For more information regarding FotoSpetiembre, visit www.


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