Be SAC proud; use student work

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Artwork of students should have filled children’s book.

Over the summer, a children’s book of short stories written by students was put together.

The outreach and recruitment office distributed the books to local community summer camps around the city.

The intent was to promote reading proficiency. A writing contest was held for students here to create fiction or nonfiction short stories, and six winners were selected for the 34-page book.

The college deserves applause for coming up with this idea.

Although intentions were good, the end result is not without its faults.

Students also contributed artwork to accompany the stories, but only one student’s artwork was selected; the rest of the stories were illustrated with what looks like generic clip art.

Also, L.W. Willard’s name was misspelled on the cover of the book.

If part of the intent was to contribute to youth literacy, then we failed before the book is even opened.

Worst of all, the efforts of students have been passed over and students hear the message loud and clear: Your work is not good enough.

If President Robert Vela wants to promote the college, why pass up this opportunity?

Be proud of our students and don’t turn them down if they don’t quite meet your vision.

Be SAC proud.


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