Intramural sports full of benefits

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Guest Viewpoint By Marisa Martinez

Director of Student Life Marissa Martinez

Director of Student Life Marissa Martinez

Intramural sports are recreational sports organized within an educational institution.

The intramural program showcases friendly competition among students.

San Antonio College offers a variety of intramurals, such as dodge ball, volleyball, kickball, pingpong and much more.

There are benefits: for example, keeping healthy by staying active, socialization, release of stress and gaining confidence.

When I started promoting intramural sports in 2014, students joined because they wanted to remain active or wanted to continue playing a sport that they used to play in high school.

Sometimes people who are not easily motivated to work out turn to an organized program that is fun, and that is what intramurals is all about.

Our program also helps students who are shy and don’t feel connected.

When the 7-on-7 soccer league started, a young lady came to my office unsure about participating because she had never played sports.

She was shy and said she had never been involved with anything, not even in high school.

After a few words of encouragement, she decided to participate, and after her first game, she was a completely different person.

This young lady came out of her shell, made friends and could not stop telling me how much fun she had.

The result was exactly what intramural sports are supposed to do for these stressed students.

Participating in intramural sports can be a great way to release stress and gain confidence.

All students at some point in time need a break.

First-time students can feel overwhelmed with the homework load that is added to their regular jobs.

Having a break between study sessions to play in a pingpong tournament may be what they need to feel less stressed.

Playing in these sports helps students gain a sense of confidence that they can push through and conquer, which can carry through to their studies.

Intramurals are open to all currently enrolled students.

Try it out. Our program is where a student can fully connect with others and make lifelong friendships.

Marisa Martinez is senior specialist-student success in the office of student life.


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