Letter: Incident brings awareness for hydration and ICE contact.

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I read the article “Student experiences heat exhaustion after festival” written by Michelle Delgado and published on Sept. 29. The incident brought me awareness of how important it is to stay hydrated, but also to have an ICE contact on a cell phone.

I attended the festival but I did not stay around to notice the change of temperature.

There were BBQ pits in close proximity to the students who attended the festival so that most likely could’ve increased the temperature as well.

As I read the article, I noticed the time the incident happened and realized that was the time I had gotten out of class and went to the restroom in the Loftin Student Center.

I saw campus police officers, Aly Miranda on the floor, and Christian Erevia in the restroom watching over.

Aly looked very weak and tired from the heat and I just smiled to Christian and mouthed “sorry” and walked out because I wanted to give the amount of space that was needed.

I find this article well written and pleasant to know that there are helpful students on campus that tend to those who are in need of help in case of emergencies.

I hope Aly recovered quickly and thank Christian and Tricia Buchhorn for tending to Aly with water and Gatorade.


Arielle Tenorio

Criminology Sophomore with a minor in Communications

San Antonio College and Texas A&M University-San Antonio


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