Letter: Student tackling racism through poetry

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In response to “Poet finds himself through rap and rhyme” on Sept. 26:

Miguel Alcorn wants to tackle racism in his new self-produced album, but the article does not elaborate on this.

Alcorn seems to be driven to get his music and poetry out into the world with a message of anti-racism and self-image.

Is he a part of Black Lives Matter or an activist in the local community who uses the power of his poetry to connect with people who are against racism as well?

Racism is definitely a big issue going on with increased police brutality and presidential candidates, mostly Donald Trump, but Alcorn’s reason for anti-racism in his new album should have been explained.

I do love the fact that a story was over Alcorn’s background with poetry and his upcoming album.

Exposing him to other students can gain him a bigger audience faster than advertising himself to the audience he has on social media.

With that being said, thank you for introducing me to a new artist and I look forward to supporting Miguel.


Anavel Gonzales

Journalism Freshman


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