Letter: Tuition schedule encourages working more, not less

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In response to “SGA expresses doubts about tuition proposal,” published Oct. 17, the proposal seems only to benefit those students with the time to attend summer classes.

While the raised tuition may benefit some students, a majority of students stick to regular fall and spring semesters.

Many students use the summer months to take on extra hours or second jobs to supplement financial aid, or for those who pay out of pocket, just afford tuition flat out. Raising tuition only forces students to continue to spend that time working rather than encouraging them to attend summer classes.

It doesn’t make enough sense to raise tuition to provide something else for “free” students are still paying something extra to get those suggested free credit hours.

Students are important when it comes to tuition costs and extra fees, and should be consulted. Making decisions based on what administrators feels is important leaves the student out of a major change that directly impacts them, which can lead to a decline in student morale.


Aren Cannon

Journalism Freshman


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