Letter: Acting affordablity

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After reading “Dracula to star familiar faces” published Sept. 26, I now really want to take an acting class here at SAC. I’ve always had an intense love for cinema and theater, and have always wanted to pursue acting classes.

I think taking a course or two here at SAC would give me a good idea of whether or not it’s something I should pursue for fun or professionally.

Like the article states, it’s an inexpensive and flexible way to find out if acting is for you. SAC seems to offer a really great program.

I really liked how the students explained and described their take on acting and what acting does for them creatively and psychologically.

I’m certain that I will be taking Acting I next semester now. I know that I’ll likely meet like-minded students/actors and find myself creatively as an actor and as a person, as the article emphasizes.


Mikaela Guajardo

Radio/TV/Film Sophomore

San Antonio College


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