Letter: Bringing awareness to potential danger

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I am writing to you to respond to your article “Student experiences heat exhaustion after festival” published on Sept. 29.

I am fairly glad to see a great report on the importance of having an emergency contact to quickly seek help on a moment’s notice.

While it was very unfortunate for Aly Miranda to go through heat exhaustion, a few good things have come out of the situation.

For example, students who have not been aware of the importance of having an ICE, or in case of emergency, number programmed should add one to their personal phones.

Another example is noting that heat exhaustion does not have to occur when it’s near 100 degrees.

Mentioning the 85-degree weather will warn others on the potency of heat exhaustion.

While I myself have not been aware of the two examples mentioned, the article that was provided has made me realize the importance of being prepared.

An article that brings awareness to a potential danger is much needed for campus, especially one that covers the important solution.


Marlon Anthony Juarez

Radio-Television Broadcasting Freshman


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