Letter: Judge makes the right call

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In “Judge rules Follins can’t claim damages” Oct. 3, Dr. Craig Follins has put himself in a bad spit that has good potential in getting worse for him with future employers having access to his information.

Although Dr. Follins has created some hardships for himself, it is a good thing that the judge sided with Alamo Colleges because he should be responsible for his actions and future employers should have the right to know about Dr. Follins’ misconduct at Northeast Lakeview College.

Many corporations, if not all of them, have the right to release the reasoning behind an employee’s termination.

Even though Follins could endure a million dollar injury due to release of information, he should not have engaged in abusive behavior toward his faculty and staff.

There is nothing wrong with a fully competant middle-aged man having to endure the consequences to his behavior.

The release of information about someone’s termination can hurt people economically and may cause some hardships, but employers should be able to know about an applicant’s work history.

The judge in this case did not make a bad decision with his ruling.


Eduardo Manrique

Finance, Freshman

San Antonio College


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