Letter: Nurture talent, not robots

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“State broke it; now should fix it” from March 28, when schools are granted funds according to test scores and percentages, it weakens our educations system.

Any student can be taught to pass a test, but that doesn’t mean they understand the material or how to complete a practical application of the information.

It should not be a colleges’ responsibility to fix this grievous error. There needs to be a different set of criteria for a school to obtain funds.

Furthermore, the bulk of those funds need to be redirected for the educators. When a school can hire more qualified educators, the retention rate improves and college readiness improves.

The current guidelines are a textbook of example of government governing too much. Educators must be returned their right to educate according their students’ needs. More curricula freedom is necessary to produce more college-ready students.

Likewise, different schools have diverse demographics that require diverse solutions and funding. The education system would be better suited to have an oversight committee with a more progressive set of values than our current governing body.

Finally, today’s youth has access to so much technological advancement that the “ways of old” teaching no longer are an acceptable means of educating our future.

It is time to nurture the talents of the future instead of encouraging them to become unwitting robots.


Lynne Wilson

Speech Freshman

San Antonio College


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