Letter: Raising awareness for healthy eating

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In response to ”Student 101: Smart Eating Leads to Smart Students” published Sept. 19, the tips The Ranger provided about this subject were very informative, however, it could have gone more in depth to include recipes and meal plans as well.

Changing eating habits can be difficult but can be very beneficial in the long run and recipes and meal plans could help achieve these changes.

Specifically, the tip about buying tomatoes in season, making sauce, and then freezing it could have been more helpful had a recipe for spaghetti sauce been included in this article.

Even with the omission of recipes and meal plans, this article was informative and helpful as it included information on fitness trackers and buying produce in season.

Thanks to The Ranger for this article raising student awareness of healthy eating habits and fitness levels as they correlate with performance in class as well as good study habits.


Kimberly Brown

Journalism Freshman


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