Letter: Student Experiences Heat Exhaustion After Festival

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On Sept. 29, following the closing of the Antojitos Festival, student Aly Miranda was found in the bathroom after having problems breathing due to dehydration and heat exhaustion.

Miranda was found by her partner and fellow photojournalism student Christian Erevia after they were apparently carrying heavy equipment after tearing down one of the festival’s booths.

Even though we saw beautiful weather in the 60s and 70s, this is in fact Texas where the weather can change from day-to-day and sometimes even hour-to-hour.

Since we can’t always predict weather conditions, festival coordinators as well as school officials should consider being more attentive to these things. Even students who are a part of the festival could take matters into their own hands.

If it’s a sunny day without a cloud in sight and you know you’re going to have to do some heavy lifting or excessive physical activities, think about your surrounding conditions.

If there is no shade or air conditioned building nearby, be sure to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Students could even make sure that they have eaten something substantial beforehand.

Students should also remember to take necessary breaks in between physical activity or heavy lifting by finding somewhere to cool down.

Festival coordinators and school officials could also help with this by providing water and snacks for those who are responsible for putting the festival together, including booths, general decorations, etc.

This goes out to all students and faculty anywhere for any occasion. Texas heat can be killer, so be sure you are prepared and hydrated!


Kenneth Keltner

Video/Radio Broadcasting CLASS

San Antonio College


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