Letter: Violence blind to gender

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I am very glad to have read “Love Doesn’t Bruise” and I am grateful for its publication Oct. 3, because without it I would not have been made aware of the Clothesline Project Walk.

Domestic abuse is something that has been prevalent in our culture, and that of many others, for far too long.

The walk, and other events like it, go a long way in normalizing the talk of abuse.

While it is true that women are more likely to be victims of domestic abuse, it should not be forgotten that men are victims as well.

Although the Clothesline Project, specifically, was created to protest violence against women, there should not be a clear distinction in gender of a victim for events such as this one.

This perpetuates the stigma of male abuse victims and further widens the divide between the sexes.


Juliana Carbajal

Liberal Arts Freshman


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